DJ Flipperi
"Bass Sounds Better With You 2"

Here’s a brand new mixtape from yours truly aka myself DJ Flipperi. I’m playing this Friday at Bassment in Helsinki with Arch Of Neo (Teeth & Non Person, you know Teeth, right?) and Smoodymann. Forward thinking dance music all night long. RECOMMENDED.

DJ Flipperi

The Touch — Sermon (Renaissance Man Remix)
Friendly Fires — Live Those Days Tonight (Tim Green Dub Remix)
Ha Ha Ha — Adzuki Beans
CRST — Everything Changes
Disclosure — My Intention Is War!
Kevin Mcphee — Get in with You (LV Remix)
XXXY — You Gotta Do You
Trusta — Hypnotic
A1 Bassline — Falsehood
Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team — Bassface (French Fries Remix)
Africa Hitech — How Does It Make You Feel (DVA’s Hi:Emotions Remix)
Raziek — Love That Thing
Hackman — Close