DJ Anonymous
"Kick In the Bass - Dance Mania Classics"


A brand new Top Billin mix for the weekend. I’ve wanted to compile some of my favorite Dance Mania classics for a while and here’s the first installement in what might become a series even. Most of the stuff here is from the label’s mid- to late-90’s heyday and features almost all of the major players from the era, doing bangin remixes of R&B and disco jams.

DJ Anonymous


DJ Milton — Come Up
DJ Nehpets — Na Na Na
DJ Skip — Count On Me
Wax Master Maurice — Stop Screamin
DJ Nehpets — Razzberri House
DJ Deeon — Same Hoez
Lil Tal — Why You Wanna Playa Hate
Paul Johnson — The Set Up
The PJ Project — I Feel Good
Tyree — I Like It
DJ Deeon — 2-b-free
Tyree — Nuttin Wrong
Jammin Gerald — Get The Hoe
DJ Skip — I Like