"X-mix 2013"

Sharkslayer for national radio, Ylex 91.9 Mhz. Air date 7th of June, 2013.

I got the opportunity to do a guest mix for Finland’s best dance show X-mix on national radio and here’s the full mix uncensored and without tags.

I had to think for a while what kind of mix would I want to represent my current sound. When I do mixes I usually go a little smoother, in many cases it’s better to keep your mixes a bit toned down, because mixes are listened at work or at home or in the car during the daytime and mad bangers don’t fit that too well.

Then again I’m quite aware that the audience listening the mix might not be that familiar with my own label’s sound. My label ‘My Techno Weighs A Ton’ then again is dedicated for the more grimier sounds of electronic music, so I decided to make the mix as a megamix of some of my most played tracks on my recent gigs. The result: Banging.

Feel free to download the mix and I know you will dig it.




Breakfastklub – Everyone’s On Grass (Original Mix)
Saur – Friendly Duck (Breakfastklub Remix)
The Integrals – Mainline (Original Mix)
Ronkolino – Get High (Digital Switchover Remix)
Tarmo & Sharkslayer – Harness The Lightning (Original Mix)
All Guns Blazing – Big Badman Sound (Original Mix)
Sharkslayer – Brimstone (All Guns Blazing Remix)
Sharkslayer & Ostblockschlampen – Rule The Nation (Original Mix)
DJ Dee Ass – Medium Of Mass Destruction (Original Mix)
Sharkslayer – Warlord Walk (DJ Dee Ass Remix)
Sharkslayer & Blaze Tripp – Boss Hog (Original Mix)
Klubbaa & Trigger – I’m U (Original Mix)
Klubbaa & Trigger – The Feeling (Sharkslayer Remix)
Sharkslayer & Wool – Jackman Stomp (Bawz Remix)
Sharkslayer &a Wool – Jackman Stomp (Original Mix)
The Diving Machine – Activate (Original Mix)
Sharkslayer – Dutty Laundry (Original Mix)