Top Billin
"Nicky Digital Pre Party Jamz #104"


We put together a mix full of pre-releases for Nicky’s two year anniversary of the Pre Party Jamz mix tape series. All of the tracks in this mix are still unreleased and coming out on on Top Billin, with the exception of the Rampage & Nader which is a T&A release. So not only do you get to groove to some sweet tunes, you also get to preview our label’s releases for the next four months.


Bright Shades – Brighter tomorrow
Helsinki 78-82 – Rooftop
Rampage & Nader – Gave You Love (Top Billin NYC mix)
Adam Bozzetto – I Wanna Be With Two
Ben Mono & Lars Moston – Can’t Stop Now
Ben Mono & Lars Moston – People (Tony Senghore remix)
Woo Banger – iBelieve
DJ Wool – Magic Carpet (Surfing Leons remix)
DJ Tim Dolla – Switch (Top Billin electro mix)
Yeah! Woho! – Pushing (Canblaster remix)
The Mane Thing – Get Paid
Fex Fellini – Kudos To jack
Bawz – Higher (dub)
Joyce Muniz – Lock Up (Flore remix)
Sean Roman – Lick
Fex Fellini – Gallo (Laberge remix)