Top Bilin
"Nightrunners Mix Vol.2"

As you may have noticed, we’ve been runnin at night with our more disco/house -sounds for a while now and here’s the second installment of the Nightrunners mix series (3rd one is also coming next month whoa). This happened on a Sunday while back with a rec on and just playing some favourite records that have been on rotation at the Nightrunners nights. No quickmix, mature stuff. It’s a sweet sweet life.
Spring is coming so running other times than at night is also in order…. The mix is designed for that and I want your comments on it how did it work out. You know the feeling, it takes a while to get machine going, your legs are heavy and breathing feels difficult, but when the machine starts, its a great feeling and you can just keep going on. First you start easy, you keep on going steady rising, then cool down a little and finish it off with a sprint in the end. And besides, the smell of forest in the morning is unbeatable.


Linus Loves – You Amaze Me
Miguel Campbell – Hold On
Morten Sorensen – Start Something
His Majesty Andre – Hold Tight
Aeroplane – Pacific Air Race
Daft Punk – Musique
Roxy Music – Same Old Scene (Glimmers remix)
Rex The Dog – I Can See You, Can You See Me?
Calagad – Get On Down
DJ Mehdi – Tunisia Bambaata
Mr Oizo – Jo
Daniel Wang – Not Feeling it
Lindstrom – Breakfast In Heaven
The Italoboyz – Viktor Casanova
Zombie Disco Squad – Esperanto
DJ Flip – Monkey Business
Dan & Phil Fuldner – Brighter
Emjae – Can You Handle It
Kruse & Nurnberg – Sunrises (Lifelike instrumental)
Pryda – Muranyi