"Winter Wolves mixtape"


Winter is dark, grimey and Top Billin boss Sharkslayer fights that with bass and tech sounds. Mixed at the Thundercunt Studios on a snowy night, it’s jammin and bassy. Sharkslayer also wants to remind you not to be a soft fuck. Download now.


Mvsevm – Pick-up Ballet
Bad Dancer – Swedish Night
Woo Banger – Holy Birds
Campbell & Detnum – Bit Of That
Oh My! – Swordplay
Blaze Tripp – Vertigo
Wool & Vortex – Magic Carpet (Dub)
Dynasty – Slow Down
Yeah! Woho! – Warfare
One Nil – Gutterstorm
Nader – They Can Tell You
Swick – Be Stupid
So Shifty – Lift Up Dat (Sharkslayer VIP)
Waves – Blackligh