"Stoned Cold Graveyardie Mix 2"


Time for some stoner & heavy rock action just on time for halloween… The second installment on Sharkslayer’s ‘Stoned Cold Graveyardie’ mixes is here right now. Almost 50 minutes of doom & stoner to keep you awake through the week.

(Intro) Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
(Intro) St. Vitus – Burial At Sea
Pagan Altar – Incarnation
Lucifers Friend – Ride In The Sky
Doom – Same Mind
Greenmachine – Burning Door
Orange Goblin – Your World Will Hate This
Dead Man – Rest In Peace (Edit)
Semtex – Sin C Milla
The Sword – The Warp Riders
Pod People – Goin’ South
Blowback – Dead Mans Blues
Dust – Pull Away, So Many Times
Budgie – Baby Please Don’t Go
Danzig – I’m The One

Volume 1 can be found here.