"Stoned Cold Graveyardie Mix"


New mix from Top Billin boss Sharkslayer. Dragons, goblins, muscular men, big breasted women. Metal, stoner metal, so great to listen to this while on our way to the studio. Sharkslayer isn’t all about tech house & reggae sounds, so here’s a metal mix to get your manly on. Only best from since 1970-2009.


Intro: Pagan Altar – Pagan Altar
Astrosonic – Afterlife Rulers
Goatsnake – Slippin The Stealth
Pentagram – Evil Seed
Witch – Changing
Witchfinder General – R.I.P.
Angelrot – Screwdrive
The Sword – Winter’s Wolves
Orange Goblin – Rage Of Angels
Graveyard – Satan’s Finest
Bedemon – Through The Gates Of Hell
Witchcraft – No Angel Or Demon