Top Billin Soundsystem
"Mix For Wild City #67"

Top Billin Soundsystem – Mix for Wild City (2013) by Top Billin Mixes on Mixcloud Partymix from Top Billin Soundsystem for India’s premiere eletcronic music site, Wild City. Their mix series have been running for a long time, this one being number 67. As Wild City is described ‘An online music mag presenting an Indian […]

Sir Nenis
"Steppin Out On the Groove"

Here’s a mixtape Sir Nenis did for this Friday’s Solid Gold, long live boogie. It’s few places where you can dance to this kind of stuff all night, but luckily our good friend Pablo Steffa is keeping it alive… Solid Gold nights feature excellent local talent and good djs/music lovers around world like Chairman Mao, […]