"Guestmix for Müürileht Magazine"

Sharkslayer interview at Müürileht. Recorded at Lekker, includes music from 1994-2016. Elecktroids – Mystery World (Warp, 1995) Sebastian Voigt – Capitao Pinto (In Their Feelings, 2016) Zombies In Miami – Yama (Love On The Rocks, 2016) K.I.D. – Don’t Stop (Runaway Remix) (Sam, 2012) Presk – Saluki (Ten Thousand Yen, 2014) Detroit Grand Pubahs – […]

DJ Flipperi
"Deepinrecords Guestmix"

JD Filpper aka DJ Flipperi aka one half of Invisible Cities and Helsinki-78-82 aka Holidayman, also know as DJ Pinball guestmix for Deepinrecords. Top Billin Music and Nightrunners Music label owner, club DJ, radio host, lifestyle artist and a businessman with 15 years of experience in cutting records and expenses. Tracklist: JD Filpper — Unreleased […]

Top Billin
"Nike Running Club mix"

We have long relationship with our partner Nike. They asked us to do a mix for their running club, design in it a way that it would take you through your excersise, running or anything else. Summer has been mainly about partying and bbq’s so it’s good to get back to the training season now […]

Top Billin & Nightrunners
"Discovery mix"

Top Billin & Nightrunners – Discovery Mix vol. 1 (2011) by Top Billin Mixes on Mixcloud Download here. “Why is it that Finland is the only country with bass player jokes? Are we the only ones with dumb bassist or smart drummers?” Stand up jokes aside, because this here is serious business. Fred Falke, a […]

DJ Fiskars
"Wild Combo Mix N°2"

This just in from top boy DJ Fiskars, who’s having his monthly Wild Combo party with DJ Fummer tonight at Siltanen. Around the corner, at Kuudes Linja, Nenis & Taneli with the Gang Bang Boogie show. Im sitting in the studio, giving the final touch to new Helsinki 78-82 remix. Might just as well make […]

DJ Anonymous
"Disco #5"

If you haven’t already spotted this mix at DJ’s Delight, go ahead and listen to it here. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed; selection which includes lots of subgenres and stuff from the mid-70s all the way to the 90s. Five thumbs up. Tracklist: The Quick: One Light In A Blackout Helen: Zanzibar (Afro […]

DJ Fiskars
"Chillax To The Max"

Check this one out from DJ Fiskars. It’s also a good taster of what’s happening this Saturday afternoon at Flow Festival where you can catch Leo aka Fiskars live. Tracklist: Ned Doheny: Get It Up For Love XR 7: XR 7 Paul Davidson: Midnight Rider Slim Smith: Keep Walking Jimmy London: I’m Your Puppet Cornell […]

Helsinki 78-82
"White Light Mix XVI"

Our friend Neoteric asked us to do a mixtape for the White Light mixtape series. So here it comes as 16 in the series, with some familiar names involved in earlier episodes like our homies Thee Big Dude, Smalltown Dudes and of course that Dude himself. Grab them all. Excellent stuff for your saturday night […]

DJ Anonymous
"Midsummer Party Mix vol. 3"

While Nenis didnt make it in european union elections this season, Sampo managed to get his new midsummer mixtape out before midsummer. Tracklist looks delicious! “Damn I can’t believe I made it and in time for the festivities too. Life’s been hectic but here it is, the annual Midsummer Party Mix in all of it’s […]

Top Billin
"Nightrunners Mix Vol. 3"

The new edition of the Nightrunners mix series comes from our friend Tane Lee aka Tasty T, who has played with us and always has got some up-to-date tunes on the disco/house tip. He also won’t stop calling you if he’s got something on his mind. The tracklist is tasty (a-ha) and the mix kills. […]

Top Bilin
"Nightrunners Mix Vol.2"

As you may have noticed, we’ve been runnin at night with our more disco/house -sounds for a while now and here’s the second installment of the Nightrunners mix series (3rd one is also coming next month whoa). This happened on a Sunday while back with a rec on and just playing some favourite records that […]

Top Billin
"Bloc Party promomix for Vice"

Vice magazine asked us to make a Bloc Party mix of BP and other material for them. We got right on it including a little of that punk feel, tunes that BP have covered (how emo is that Prince tune, we can clearly see why they covered it) and their influences and of course tracks […]

Top Billin
"Nightrunners Mix Vol. 1"

Here’s our brand new mixtape to celebrate our new club night and a record label with the same name. This is where we celebrate all kinds of electronic music from house to beardo-disco or whatever it’s called, from big room to minimal closet styles, you name it. The first 12″ in the Nightrunners series is […]

Top Billin
"Guestmix for XLR8R Magazine"

We make a lot of mixes as you know, and the fine folks at XLR8R magazine wanted us to take part in their exclusive mix series, so here is our contribution…. Go get your spring sountrack. Includes exclusives and unreleased tracks from Good As Gold, Sharkslayer, Rico Tubbs, etc… And big up Bryant from XLR8R […]

Top Billin Vol 9
"Just When You Thought..."

Here’s the new mix and this time it’s mixed by 2 of our favourite dj’s, DJ Anonymous and J.Laini. They will be both playing at the next record release party so it’s great that they did the new mix… DJ Anonymous runs an excellent record store here in Helsinki and keeps a great blog (djs […]

Sir Nenis
"Steppin Out On the Groove"

Here’s a mixtape Sir Nenis did for this Friday’s Solid Gold, long live boogie. It’s few places where you can dance to this kind of stuff all night, but luckily our good friend Pablo Steffa is keeping it alive… Solid Gold nights feature excellent local talent and good djs/music lovers around world like Chairman Mao, […]