DJ Anonymous

Dj Anonymous
"The Quiet Storm House Mix"

Here's a dope new mix from the one and only DJ Anonymous. 80 minutes of late 80s and early 90s deep house jams. “From NJ to Chicago to Detroit, inspired by old timer HKI & TKU deejays.” DJ Anonymous is also coming up with more mixes soon. Tracklist: Ronald Burrell: Quiet Song Vil-N-X: Give Ya […]

DJ Anonymous
"Disco #5"

If you haven’t already spotted this mix at DJ’s Delight, go ahead and listen to it here. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed; selection which includes lots of subgenres and stuff from the mid-70s all the way to the 90s. Five thumbs up. Tracklist: The Quick: One Light In A Blackout Helen: Zanzibar (Afro […]

DJ Anonymous
"Midsummer Party Mix vol. 3"

While Nenis didnt make it in european union elections this season, Sampo managed to get his new midsummer mixtape out before midsummer. Tracklist looks delicious! “Damn I can’t believe I made it and in time for the festivities too. Life’s been hectic but here it is, the annual Midsummer Party Mix in all of it’s […]

DJ Anonymous
"Kick In the Bass - Dance Mania Classics"

A brand new Top Billin mix for the weekend. I’ve wanted to compile some of my favorite Dance Mania classics for a while and here’s the first installement in what might become a series even. Most of the stuff here is from the label’s mid- to late-90’s heyday and features almost all of the major […]

Top Billin
"Midwinter Party Mix (2008)"

DJ Anonymous has been busy lately, but he also had time to smash out the new Top Billin mixtape! Nearly hour and a half long, full of current club stuff + some classiques so we’re not going wrong with this one either. 11th in the series, this is something you need for your train/car rides […]