Top Billin
"Dancing In The Moonlight Mix"

Time for a new mix… this special. As you may have noticed, we tend to make mixes quaterly, when the mood changes, we want to bring suitable vibes for it. Now that fall is approaching, it’s time for our 2011 autumn mix. Check the tracklisting below, this mix includes also some forthcoming exclusives… Hope you’ll […]

DJ Anonymous
"Midsummer Party Mix vol. 3"

While Nenis didnt make it in european union elections this season, Sampo managed to get his new midsummer mixtape out before midsummer. Tracklist looks delicious! “Damn I can’t believe I made it and in time for the festivities too. Life’s been hectic but here it is, the annual Midsummer Party Mix in all of it’s […]

Top Billin
"Nightrunners Mix Vol. 1"

Here’s our brand new mixtape to celebrate our new club night and a record label with the same name. This is where we celebrate all kinds of electronic music from house to beardo-disco or whatever it’s called, from big room to minimal closet styles, you name it. The first 12″ in the Nightrunners series is […]

Sir Nenis
"Steppin Out On the Groove"

Here’s a mixtape Sir Nenis did for this Friday’s Solid Gold, long live boogie. It’s few places where you can dance to this kind of stuff all night, but luckily our good friend Pablo Steffa is keeping it alive… Solid Gold nights feature excellent local talent and good djs/music lovers around world like Chairman Mao, […]