Top Billin
"Megamix Vol. 1"


Here’s a MEGAMIX of many (many of them, not all tho) of the remixes we did this year while djing all over the place, also includes tracks by Raziek and DJ Rideon. Forthcoming 12″ will also include stuff from DJ Ayres and Dj Anonymous so check that out!


  1. Diamonds
  2. Willing
  3. Dancefloor
  4. Gaybar Starlyte
  5. U Don Kno Meh
  6. San Fran
  7. Make Me Cream
  8. Shake My Ass
  9. In The Ass
  10. Fuck Me Baby
  11. Dodge
  12. Up In Here
  13. Boy Angles
  14. Do You Wanna Party
  15. Hit It
  16. Go My Way
  17. Money For Nothing
  18. Go To Work
  19. One For The Ladies