Top Billin Soundsystem
"Exclusive Megamix for Thump"


For the 2nd mix in Thump’s ‘Label’s In Residence – Top Billin’ -series, it’s time for the annual Top Billin megamix, mixed by Top Billin Soundsystem aka Heikki & Nenis. This mix contains all the best tracks on the label in 2013. Read more about the mix at Thump and find the 2 other mixes for the series by Sharkslayer & Wolfhaus here and here.


Two Charming Men — I Want You (Effy Remix)
Jack The Hustler — Jack & Coke
Mad Villains & Chris Parkin — Tell Me Again (The Golden Boy Remix)
Dizzy Womack — Black Ice (Raziek remix)
Todd Terry, Screamin Rachael — U Used To Hold Me (Sir Nenis DJ Version) (Trax)
Murder Mark — Bad Sista (Thunderbird Juicebox remix)
Murder Mark — Bad Sista (Original)
Murder Mark — Get Busy
Keiska — Lil Frrrk
Grandtheft & Deejay Theory — Hear This (Kepikei Remix)
Grandtheft & Deejay Theory — Hear This (Original)
Broken Haze — Something Missing
Jaycek — Dreamer
Grandtheft — My House (Thugli Remix)
Grandtheft — My House
Grandtheft — My House (gLAdiator Remix)
ClubHeadSliim — Like This
ClubHeadSliim — Im A Freak
James Nasty & DJ Lemz feat. Bounge & Taylo — Favorite Bitch (Klan Guru Remix) + Bubble & Wine Acapella
Bubble & Wine Up (Tomderson Jersey Club Mix)
DJ Venum — Its Going Down
Jeaq — Heisenber
Veit B — Night Rider
Kepikei — Ghettomaster
Dizzy Womack — On Control (Busy Twist Remix)
Tanner Caldwell — Crazy For Makiko
Pana & Nah Like — By Your Side + Drop It Low Acapella
Murder Mark feat TT The Artist & Sheila D Yeah — Drop It Low (Punk Trouble Remix)
Murder Mark feat TT The Artist & Sheila D Yeah — Drop It Low (Slick Shoota Remix)
Starz — Pop It
Hydraulix, Slakk, Zuri Akoko — Whole Crew VIP
Notixx — Okayy
Paul Oja — Apollo
Gooffee — Coochie
Jaycek — What’s The Difference
RSGX Productions — Swag Fi Dem (Geekboy Remix)
RSGX Productions — Swag Fi Dem (Original)
Kepikei — Black Uncrn
Kepikei — Astronomical
Say Wut & Sharkslayer — The Buckhorn (Let’s Go) (Main Course)
Yellowkid — Ghetto Shit
Fobator — Cocaine
Side9000 — My Hood
Embryo — Beach House 303
Wood Holly — FDAU