Top Billin
"Summer Mix 2011"

Right on time, here’s the annual Top Billin Summer Mix. We do this every midsummer. No funny remixes, only the best of the best of electronic producers. Includes a lot of unreleased gems and made for you to party with this at your summer house. Enough of talk, listen and enjoy it responsibly!


Femme En Fourrure – Bronco (Teeth Remix)
Viadrina – Back To The City (Phantom Remix)
Blaze Tripp – Vertigo (Ultravid Remix)
Sampology – Biggy Pank (One Nil Remix)
Jordan & Santero – Electric Church (Coin Operated Boy Remix)
Fex Fellini – Kolo (MVSEM Remix)
Sir Nenis – Freaks
Bawz – Everybody
Swick – Flick It Up (Will Bailey remix)
SPF – 5000 – White Hot Fantasy (Nycpartyinfo Remix)
Lenno – Your Style
Just Kiddin – All The Way To Love
Tagteam Terror – I Can’t Hold This Feeling Back
Bright Shades – Relate
Skeletronics – Come Alive (Helsinki 78-82 Remix)