Top Billin Vol 3


For the 3rd edition, DJ Flipperi had joined forces in making these badboys.


Broadcast: Where Youth And Laughter Go
MC Ears: Unknown Instrumental
Trap Squad: What’s Happenin’
Da Muzicianz: Girls I Know
Mia: Grapes Remix feat. Nump
Run Dmc vs The Pack: My Adidas Are Better Than Your Vans
Bullys Wit Fullys: So Hood
Federation: Stunna Glasses At Night
Corey Hart: Sunglasses At Night
Dj Class: Tear Da Club Up
Teddybears: Cobrastyle Remix
Fiskars: Diamonds
Lady Sovereign: Love Me Or Hate Me
Les Rhythmes Digitales: To Those DJs
Spank Rock: Rick Rubin Remix
Atmosfear: Dancing In Outer Space
Daddy O And The Ant Man: This Is Bass
The Jets: Crush On You
Closer Music: Closer Dancer
T.I.: Why You Wanna
DJ Ayres: La Da Dee
DJ Funk : Freakin
Bonde De Role: Melo Do Tabaco Remix
Dallas : Your New Girlfriend
David Banner: Play Remix
Prodigy : Charly
I:Cube vs Rza : Deal Wit Dat
Tommy Sparxx : Can You Feel It
Breakout : Planet Rock Edit
Build An Ark : Gotta Have Freedom Remix
Soho : Hot Music
Shirley Bassey: Spinnin Wheel Remix
Beastie Boys : Body Moving Remix
High Contrast : Gold Digger
DJ Shadow : 3 Freaks
DJ Zinc : Reach Out