Top Billin
"YleX X-Mix (2011)"


Our national radio YleX asked us to do them an exclusive mix for their Saturday evening show and we got right on it. It’s pretty much a dance music show, so this mix is more on the house tip (with some exceptions). 1 hour o jams, radio friendly, check the tracklist and download.


Elektropusher – Bicycles (Gavin Holland Remix)
Femme En Fourrure – Bronco (Teeth Remix)
Viadrina – Back To The City (Phantom Remix)
Blaze Tripp – Vertigo (Ultravid Remix)
Sampology – Biggy Pank (One Nil Remix)
Jordan & Santero – Electric Church (Coin Operated Boy Remix)
Fex Fellini – Kolo (MVSEM Remix)
Sir Nenis – Freaks
Bawz – Everybody
Swick – Flick It Up (Will Bailey remix)
SPF – 5000 – White Hot Fantasy (Nycpartyinfo Remix)
Lenno – Your Style
Just Kiddin – All The Way To Love
Tagteam Terror – I Can’t Hold This Feeling Back
Bright Shades – Relate
Skeletronics – Come Alive (Helsinki 78-82 Remix)